The devil you say?

The Devil in Me

Once firmly grounded back in Edmonton, Alberta, where I had a house with a garden, I am now a somewhat itinerant – or so it feels – man about Asia, currently working at a large international company in Guangzhou, China.

If you don’t know about Guangzhou, here’s a simple way to connect yourself with it. Pick up ten things in your house made in the last decade or so: from electronics to your frackin’ designer bag. I would say at least four of those things were made here, and if it’s a really big thing, say a fridge, then 40% of the parts for that thing were made here. That’s what they do in Guangzhou. They make things.


So now after teaching here I am editing, writing, taking pictures for the company mag, and generally enjoying things. It feels substantial, where my last jobs have been evanescent.

I pass the time watching movies, taking pictures, eating, playing and learning my cool blue guitar made guess where?, hanging out with friends (and probably at C:Union), learning more about this city, and dreaming of my next big trip (Paris in April)

Should you wish, you can write to me at indfusion at


One response to “The devil you say?

  1. Great approach to make new friend indeed.

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